SWIM COACH.jpgTraining is a huge responsibility and needs motivated and skilful individuals to handle it. While there are many opinions on the efficacy of some training programs, few doubt the necessity of really good, targeted training.

Managers are expected to have a tone of qualities for the training to be a success.

  1. The ability to measure and asses staff training needs. Awareness of how the training needs of your employees is critical to developing your team. Professional trainers are expected to conduct a thorough training needs analysis before undertaking a training assignment.
  2. A deep knowledge of the business- A deep and thorough understanding of the business or organization you are part of is among the greatest assets that you as a training manager can possess.
  3. Strong communication and interpersonal skills- regardless of whether you conduct your own training programs or not, it is imperative for a good training manager to be highly efficient in communication of all kinds. Understanding problems, conveying ideas, conducting training- all of this is carried through words.
  4. A passion for continuous learning- the best learners make the best teachers. A passion for learning reflects in the quality of your teaching. How can you teach and motivate others if you yourself is not passionate about the process of learning?
  5. Innovative thinking- the prospect of attending yet another training session can make everyone, from seasoned corporate executives to employees who have just started, want to shoot themselves in the head. To keep things fresh and to maximize your chances of gaining and holding your audience’s attention, try to improvise on your teaching style.
  6. Embrace efficiency training budget are almost never static. They are one of the last things to be increased by management in response to growth, and they’re one of the first things to be cut. Anything that can save you time or money when delivering the vital education, you are responsible for should be examined and sought after.



saidoo.jpgIt’s crazy how much of an impact our attitude has when it comes to the way we perform in the pool. On days when we are riding high, with life seemingly bending to our will, even the toughest of workouts is met with an optimistic and determined front. And yet we feel bummed out, or pessimistic, the tough stuff in the pool becomes even tougher.

‘’excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude.’’

Being positive minded when you are going through those heavy bouts of training, where exams and assignments are piling up, can help make the challenging stuff easier to handle. When we are optimistic we are able to better brace ourselves for the difficult chapters in our swimming career, and perhaps most importantly for the team, you contribute to developing an environment where everyone and especially you are primed for success.

  1. Be the change- when you are positive with others around you, supporting their goals, making for a more positively charged training environment, caring about your team mates you cannot help be become more positive with yourself.
  2. Don let the negativity of others infect you. People around us influence us more, but the best solution is to hang out with the positive minded people.
  3. Remember that attitude is a choice the mental approach we take on, the attitude we carry around with us, is dictated by us as well. Simply thinking about having a better attitude can often be just the thing to have it improve.
  4. Be solution oriented it’s easy to point out the faults and shortcomings of not ourselves, but of those around us. When things aren’t going our way the quickest route is to latch on to the problem and dwell with it.
  5. Celebrate the victories, especially the small ones. Life altering victories that cause massive change, we gloss them over, ignore them and bypass them which is too bad.
  6. Get better at failing if you look at the way you take and handle setbacks as a skill, something you can actively work on, than you are light years ahead of those swimmers that take every failure, large and small as an indictment on the abilities.